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iHotel Travel is redeemable for over 80,000 hotels globally, encompassing all major hotel brands and all major destinations. With no expiration or blackout dates and excellent customer service, iHotel Travel is a flexible travel incentive that allows recipients to choose their destination and pick from a variety of hotels by location and rating. iHotel Travel is the American version of the popular UK hotel site HotelVoucherShop and gift cards are available in all major currencies.

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iHotel Travel

All ihotelgiftcard.com gift certificates and gift cards are cash value and must be looked after by the purchaser and redeemer. All gift certificate codes can only be used once and ihotelgiftcard.com is not liable for lost or stolen gift certificates or codes used by any other recipient other than the intended recipient for the gift certificate. Any gift cards or gift certificates lost cannot be replaced. Cancellation and refunds of gift certificates: All gift certificates are non refundable and non cancellable. Once used the gift certificate is then redeemed and the cancellation policy stated for that particular time for that hotel will apply.

Your gift certificate or gift card from ihotelgiftcard.com has NO EXPIRY, however we put all balances on hold after 10 years to prevent misuse. The expiry showing on your gift certificate shows the date the balance is put on hold and is not a true expiry date. As all ihotelgiftcard.com gift certificates have NO EXPIRY, you are entitled to use this gift ongoing at any point. After the initial 10 year term, you must contact our offices at [email protected] and your gift certificate will be reinstated for any remaining or full balance until you are able to use it. Every 10 years the balance will be placed back on hold as a security measure, however your gift certificate has no expiry and can be used as normal at any stage you wish. Please do not misplace your gift card or gift certificate as we cannot re issue lost, stolen or misplaced gift certificates or gift cards under any circumstances.

The gift certificate or gift card has no cash value until redeemed against the service of booking and hotel and only becomes cash once used to redeem against the service provided, this gift certificate is non transferable and cannot be resold.